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The Credit Processing Experts

The CoreCard Processing platform delivers a powerful and integrated solution for any type of card issuing program including complex credit.


Our modern platform enables our partners to innovate and manage all aspects of their card programs in one place.

Scalable across industries

Use cases

We work really well with our clients; check out our success stories and see why our clients love working with us.

Financing Solutions Create Smiles for the Client. CoreCard’s solution was chosen because of its easy-to-use, yet comprehensive web based solution which did not require any previous knowledge or experience operating a financial system. CoreCard’s solution provided connectivity with Equifax to obtain customer’s credit history and determine a credit limit.
CoreCard’s CoreISSUE application was central to this implementation as it became the system of record for the customer, generated the contract, assigned the loan plan, payment options and payment dates, sent invoices and applied payments when received.

A/R Subsystem at Work with Large Corporate Financial System.
The CoreCard system works with the client’s companywide SAP accounting system. As with all CoreCard deployments, the software was configured specifically for the client’s needs.
The client has been so satisfied with the CoreCard solution that they plan to move the management of their high value accounts (such as for postage meters sales) to the CoreCard system. Taking advantage of CoreCard’s feature-rich, highly flexible software, the client will offer these customers another type of payment option featuring a fixed installment purchase plan.

Secure and tested technology

Software Highlights

Our clients choose CoreCard’s software solutions for our flexibility and scalability, our unmatched customer support and the industry and domain expertise of the CoreCard team.


Our turn-key configuration, extensive APIs, and Fee Libraries speed up your time-to-market.


Every program is unique.  CoreCard does not try to fit everyone in the same box.  Choose a la carte from our standard offerings, or customize to meet your innovate plans.

International support

Embedded multilingual and multicurrency plus EMV capabilities support global opportunities on one platform.

Credit graduation

Our software supports both prepaid and revolving credit so you can offer “credit graduation” from prepaid to revolving credit on the same software platform.
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