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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

Managing Accounts Receivable should not be difficult, creating and offering new programs should not be a chore, and finding ways to support marketing and sales efforts should not make the Accounting or IT staff want to quit. CoreCard has the solutions to make managing complex receivables easy.


Tough economic times call for innovative ways to continue generating revenue; selling goods to distributors or retailers on credit being one of them. Whether or not you want to charge interest or fee for deferred payments, a robust receivable management system goes a long way in making the lives of accounting staff easy.

Commercial Lending

Being able to evaluate the credit worthiness of a business requires special assessment criteria and the ability to automate the evaluation process is essential to scale your lending operations. See how CoreCard’s Accounts Receivable management solution addresses credit worthiness evaluation and other challenges specific to commercial or business lending.


CoreCard’s Accounts Receivable management systems can be used to offer and manage invoice based financing. See how our clients in this industry benefit from our solutions and services.

Process Complex Accounts Receivable

CoreCard's accounts receivable management solution has been designed to allow for quick start up and management of new finance programs including revolving credit. Based on the robust functionality developed to manage consumer and commercial credit card programs, the CoreCard products are perfect for supporting financing of complex

Seamless Integrations

CoreCard’s platform, CoreENGINE, leverages a variety of web services and comes with a set of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow the sharing of data easily between CoreCard’s accounts receivable management software and many off-the-shelf accounting software and ERP packages that companies may already be using to run their business. New APIs can easily be added at any time for other non-standard or new software

Robust Customer Hierarchy

Using the customer hierarchy scheme available in CoreISSUE, it is easy to track overall exposure from the smallest office location right up through the parent company. This ability makes managing multiple and distinct credit limits across customer entities easier. It also simplifies managing overall customer exposure and risk easier for the credit department. CoreISSUE can be used as the “system of record” for all of a company’s accounts

Supplemental Functionality

CoreCard provides Collections, Dispute Management and Sales Commission solutions that can be plugged into the core accounts receivables system making it much more powerful and comprehensive.

AR Management Solution Features

Following are some capabilities of our Accounts Receivable Management solution :
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