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How The Frontend Interface Between Customers And Their Cards Is Changing

The way we pay is changing even as you read this. The card platforms that were built on proprietary, monolithic infrastructure are now using open-source technologies and payments-as-a-service to provide a personalized experience to card users. Platforms have become more flexible and modular. Advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI bring much-needed innovation and security

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Looking at “Payment as a Service” – what is it and does it matter?

The payments industry has seen a dramatic transformation over the last few years. Be it different modes of payment transactions or a constantly evolving payment services ecosystem or new payments technologies, the industry is being compelled to change to accommodate the evolving needs of the customer and their expectations. As these changes take root, we

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3 Consumer Behavior Cards Program Managers Must Be Conscious Of

Credit cards are convenient, increase the consumer’s purchasing power, and give them attractive benefits such as reward points and cashback. Retail brands have also been issuing cards for years now as a way to get closer to their consumers and integrate themselves into their spending habits. According to a report on consumer payments, 84% of the respondents

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The exciting changes taking place in digital payments in the Middle East

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a surge in digital adoption across industries. One of the more pronounced shifts has been a move from cash towards digital payments. This move becomes more even more noteworthy in markets such as the Middle East that have been traditionally cash-biased. Reports estimate the digital payments landscape in the Middle East

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Air travel is picking up again. What does that mean for Airline cards?

After the devastating economic impact of the global pandemic on the airline industry, the future of air travel is just about beginning to look brighter. As more international borders open to air traffic, customers are looking ahead towards their next business trip or family vacation. Come this November, the U.S is set to relax all

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A Practical Guide to Operationalizing Contactless Cards

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of contactless cards as a safer, cleaner, and faster mode of payment than other ‘traditional’ methods. In the age of “contact-free” transactions, contactless cards do not require to be inserted into any swiping machine, nor do they need customers to enter any confidential PIN to complete the transaction.

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5 Must-Haves for a Modern Credit Card Transaction Processing System

Whether you are running an e-commerce business or a big box retail store chain, you need a powerful and integrated credit card transaction processing system that can help you efficiently process any type of card issuing program. The system should not only enable you to operate your business smoothly; it should also be easy for

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The Changes The Credit Card Industry Is Keeping A Close Watch On

The pandemic has changed the way people conduct financial transactions. Contactless payment options and wearable payments have started taking over as customers want to avoid contracting COVID-19. 75% of Gen Z customers already use digital payment apps for transacting money. More than half of them use digital wallets at least once a month. And this seems

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The Pros and Cons for Retail Brand Card Programs today

Branded cards have been in circulation for over 100 years now. There’s evidence that U.S-based department stores and oil companies started with branded cards in the 1920s. Cut ahead to the 21st century and we can see the growing popularity of co-branded credit cards from the likes of Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, and Uber. Numbers suggest that the

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