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The Changes The Credit Card Industry Is Keeping A Close Watch On

The pandemic has changed the way people conduct financial transactions. Contactless payment options and wearable payments have started taking over as customers want to avoid contracting COVID-19. 75% of Gen Z customers already use digital payment apps for transacting money. More than half of them use digital wallets at least once a month. And this seems

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The Pros and Cons for Retail Brand Card Programs today

Branded cards have been in circulation for over 100 years now. There’s evidence that U.S-based department stores and oil companies started with branded cards in the 1920s. Cut ahead to the 21st century and we can see the growing popularity of co-branded credit cards from the likes of Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, and Uber. Numbers suggest that the

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How the Pandemic Changed the Rewards Landscape for the Cards Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic caused quite a bit of upheaval in the credit cards industry, as it did everywhere else. While accelerating digital transformation and enhancing digital capabilities became an urgent need, changing the rewards environment also emerged as a pressing concern. Rewards have always been a primary attraction driving customers to apply and spend on

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Are credit cards failing the customer expectation test?

Customer satisfaction has now become the next competitive frontier. Consumer expectations of the products and services they use are rising. Better quality, more convenience, improved speed, and attractive incentives are in the mix. Today’s customer is driven by context and wants every engagement to be relevant to a narrative that matters to them. The expectations

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How Microservices Is Enabling Agility And Resilience In The World Of Banking and Finance

In today’s digital age, how do companies in the financial sector continue to stay fast, competitive, and proactive? For sure, large-sized monolithic architectures holding together the technology backend are not the answer. It’s time for microservices, the antithesis of monolithic systems. Today, companies of all sizes and across domains are deploying microservices architecture, using which

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5 Ways in Which Digitally Transformed Banks Are Different

The banking sector is opening up to the concept of digital transformation – not just to optimize internal operations, but also to enhance competitive standing and elevate the customer experience. Most banks have come to the realization that, by adopting modern approaches and integrating digital technologies, they can deliver greater value to their customers while

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The Program Manager’s Guide To “Contactless” Cards And Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic was a disruptive event for the payment industry. Consumers became ultra-conscious of the need to avoid physical contact with “high-traffic” surfaces at greater risk of contamination and the demand for contactless payment options soared to an all-time high. Most experts agree that consumers will continue to prefer contactless payment options even after

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How brands can ensure their credit cards program always aligns with their brand experience

There’s a sea of card programs out there. That’s only natural considering how building a reward-linked credit cards program presents an attractive opportunity for brands to engage with their customers beyond direct transactions and embed themselves into the very fabric of their daily life. However, in an increasingly competitive and crowded playing field, to win

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The Exciting new world of Digital Cards (and how they work)

Ever since Diner’s Club introduced the first credit card way back in the 1950s, payment cards (including credit and debit cards) have become a mainstay in the lives of all consumers. Embraced enthusiastically by banks and brands alike, cards kept growing, as did their usage by customers enamored by their convenience. That said, the world

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