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Card Management

CoreISSUE for Card Management

CoreISSUE is a robust card management system for any type of payment card or receivable.
Unique Account and Product Management
Real-time authorizations and user-defined authorization controls
Full Industry Compliance for security, Bankcard associations, and government regulations
Differentiate products easily – credit, prepaid, debit, consumer finance, installment loans, and more.
Easy to customize card issuing
Built-In Reporting and Analytics
Built-In Reporting and Analytics

Choose from many standard reports or customize your own. Get the data you need in the format you need to quickly analyze your business

Real Time Authorizations and User-defined authorization controls

Scalable and dependable CoreAUTH makes transaction processing easy User-defined authorization decision controls by product

3rd Party Integrations

Supports many industry standard messaging types and file formats Easy to customize


PCI Compliance Association Compliance Regulatory Compliance

Account and Product Management

Unlimited processing levels available for institutions, holding companies, products, company corporate structures and family cards for consumer accounts.
Easily configurable processing parameters for service charges, interest, insurance, payment, credit terms and more. Ability to link multiple products, credit plans, physical plastic cards and physical addresses to a single account. Easy access to system functions and data through built-in APIs.

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