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Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending Solutions

CoreCard has highly flexible and feature rich solutions that both lenders and third party processors can use to offer unique payment terms to business borrowers.

Confidence In Underwriting

CoreCard’s originations application, CoreAPP, allows configuring credit decision rules taking into account any data available to the system or any data acquired from a third party credit assessment agency. CoreAPP can integrate with most traditional and non-traditional credit bureaus to provide decision parameters that are useful for evaluating a business’ credit worthiness. The rules can be easily configured or reconfigured by non-technical users to minimize credit risk and maximize the opportunities. Decision on a new account application can be deferred for manual review depending on the criteria defined in CoreAPP.

Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

One customer can be offered multiple loans with different payment terms from the same account providing the lender opportunity for new revenue without losing sight of the borrower’s credit limit. A client has offered more than 100 loans to a business borrower with single account on our system.

Operational Efficiency

CoreCard’s solution provides complete communication automation to minimize efforts required in customer service. Welcome letters, statements, due dates, past due notices, decline letters and others can be defined in the system and sent as paper mail or via email. Automatic payments, prioritized case management collection queues and auto-dialer interfaces further reduce manual effort required in managing the portfolio.

Commercial Lending Solution Features

Following are some features of our Accounts Receivable solution for Commercial lending :
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