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Private Label Credit Solution For Dealerships

Whether you are a single location automobile or high value item dealer or a multi-location chain, in-house credit is a great tool to acquire customers who would not qualify for credit from traditional sources. CoreCard’s private label credit solution is completely web based and does not require any installation at dealership locations.

Fast Inventory Turnover

Add new customers and turn over the inventory faster with an in-house financing option supported by CoreCard’s comprehensive and easy to use solution.

Additional Revenue Stream

CoreCard’s solution can be easily configured to charge any fees or interest or a combination of both.

Unique Promotions

You can offer the best promotional payment plan that wins the customer from competition without worrying about system constraints.

Instant Approval

CoreCard’s new account processing system, CoreAPP, allows business users to define the credit decision criteria and also interfaces with credit bureaus in real time to determine the customers’ eligibility for credit while they are at the dealership. Standard credit models provided by bureaus or custom ones built specifically for your business can be deployed in determining credit worthiness of the customer.

Dealership lending Management Solution Features

Following are some features that CoreCard’s solution provides
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