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Dispute Management With CoreDISPUTE

CoreDISPUTE is a comprehensive, workflow driven dispute handling application which optimizes dispute management, reduces personnel costs and improves productivity.
CoreDISPUTE is designed to simplify the complexity associated with Disputes and Chargebacks.
CoreDISPUTE speeds implementation of a dispute and chargeback system with predefined and user-defined queues.
Automatic Case Creation
Automatic Queue Assignment
Integrate Easily with CoreISSUE

CoreDISPUTE integrates seamlessly with CoreISSUE and provides a built-in tool to communicate updates between the two interfaces. Transactions are Both Systematically and Manually Transferred to CoreDISPUTE

Simplify Dispute and Chargeback Complexity

CoreDISPUTE makes the standard messaging and next step decisions easily CoreDISPUTE ensures a case is given the proper attention at the proper time based on the status

Automatic Case Creation

CoreDISPUTE systematically creates cases out of disputed transactions Case work and management is automatically tracked and logged for reporting/productivity

Automatic Queue Assignment

Cases are assigned to queues to be worked and presented based on user-defined parameters Preset queues are delivered with CoreDISPUTE or you can design your own

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