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General Purpose Reloadable Cards

General Purpose Reloadable Cards

CoreCard’s prepaid card management solution can be used by processors and program managers to manage versatile prepaid programs which provide several value added services to the cardholder. The applications have been built to make general purpose prepaid card processing easy and secure for program managers and their clients.

Value Added Services

General purpose reloadable card market is very competitive and requires issuers to provide several value added services to make the cards attractive for end customers. CoreCard’s prepaid processing solution has been integrated with reload networks, bill pay provider, remote check deposit service provider and a remittances services provider. The solution also offers built in loyalty points accumulation & redemption functionality.

Increased Profitability

The solution provides a comprehensive fee catalog for assessing various kinds of transaction based, event based and period based fees. Program managers can waive or defer any fees based on certain card activity to make the programs competitive and customers satisfied. No money is left on the table as the fees kick in automatically when the defined criteria are not met. Fee Warehousing feature ensures that fees can be charged whenever the card is funded irrespective of when they were generated.

Realize Power of Branding

Consumers are more likely to accept products that are associated with their known brands. The solution makes it easy to offer merchant or other third party co-branded cards programs.

Instant Sales

Any delay in offering the product or service may lead to lost sales. CoreCard’s prepaid processing solution can be used to issue cards in bulk and have them ready at hand to offer right at the point of sale. The cardholder can later choose to personalize the card and receive a new plastic with his name embossed on it.

Minimal Operational Overhead

Card programs for different clients, brands, merchants and banks can be managed from a single web portal reducing the operational overhead originating from adding new programs. The program management portal, CoreMONEY, can be exposed in a restricted and controlled manner to other clients/merchants who can manage their own cards further reducing the program manager’s overheads.

Exciting General Purpose Reloadable Card Features

In addition to offering unique benefits to processors and program managers, CoreCard’s prepaid platform offers several features that make the card attractive as a shopping card and as an alternative to a checking account.
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