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CoreCard Showcases Prepaid Card Processing with Unique Option at 2013 Prepaid Expo

Only Processor to Provide the Option to Transition to In-House Licensed Software

CoreCard Software ( ), a leading provider of card management solutions and processing services, showcased its unique solution today in booth #429 at the Prepaid Expo 2013. The solution offers its processing clients the option to transition to an in-house licensed software solution without any disruption in program management.

This unique option provides program managers maximum flexibility and control as their volumes grow and capabilities change over time. CoreCard facilitates bringing the identically configured software, which was deployed in CoreCard’s processing environment, in-house.

“CoreCard provides full featured and cost-effective alternatives to legacy card management application.  Our customers accomplish their strategic and financial goals with benefits offered by CoreCard’s licensed and processing solutions,” said Leland Strange, CEO of CoreCard. “

CoreCard’s prepaid solution is feature rich and has several hundred parameters with thousands of optional values allowing our clients to offer a variety of unique products and meet their changing business needs. CoreCard’s financial transaction platform is scalable and multi-lingual and has been designed to reduce the amount of work required for customizations, thus ensuring quick delivery of new features to keep our clients ahead of the competition. CoreCard’s established relationships with issuer banks can help program managers get new prepaid programs up and running quickly using its CoreProcessing services.

Some of the benefits & features CoreCard’s prepaid solutions and services offer program managers as follows:

  • Option to transition to in-house licensed software
  • Manage different types of programs from same platform
  • Manage changing business needs with highly configurable software
  • Build custom programs
  • Process prepaid and credit accounts with CoreCard
  • Manage multilingual and remittance programs
  • Comprehensive & flexible reporting
  • Load channels: Web portal, Direct Deposit, WesternUnion and Green Dot
  • Cardholder mobile app
  • Built-in spending controls

In addition to prepaid, CoreCard’s fleet cards, private label credit, revolving credit and payday lending applications have been delivering tremendous value to its clients for more than 10 years.


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