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7 Ways to Make a Card Management and Payment Processing System More Secure than PCI Requires

PCI is the major security compliance that all payment card systems have to follow and it safeguards them against attacks from hackers. Despite the compliance, hackers are sometimes able to break into these financial systems causing huge financial damage and privacy issues. Following are my recommendations to make your card management, payments, accounts receivable and

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Why is mobile wallet & NFC capturing so much attention?

Technology giants, payment networks and theUSmobile carriers are all vying for a piece of the yet uncooked mobile wallet pie. I believe what makes mobile wallet so promising is a marketing concept referred to as ‘segment of one’ marketing or frictionless marketing. In layman’s terms, segment of one marketing or frictionless marketing refers to a

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Accounts Receivable Management for Manufacturers and Suppliers

ERP and large-scale accounting systems developed for manufacturers have gained a very strong foothold with the two dominant providers owning a fair share of the manufacturing market. The purpose of this white paper is to look at a small but important subset of these ERP and large-scale accounting suites and ask the question – is

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Google Wallet’s Impact on Marketing

As discussed in a previous article,  targeted marketing is key driver for the rise of mobile wallets which will bring about sweeping changes in the world of payments. An online marketing agency, Net Media, explains how Google Wallet is going to impact the affiliate marketers.

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Redefining Collection Strategies

Keeping the delinquencies down by applying the right collections strategies has always been a major priority for companies. With the availability of several analytical tools the art of collections has become a science and its practitioners and observers have revealed several methods and strategies from time to time. In this paper CoreCard will take a

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Mastercard Plans to Tap into a Non-Traditional Segment for Prepaid Cards

Driven by the bad economy and the needs of the unbanked and under-banked segments, prepaid cards are currently the hottest financial products and have seen significant growth in recent years. Other significant segments are payroll cards and in-store gift cards. According to a Mastercard report the prepaid cards market will surpass $440 billion by 2017

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