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Licensed Software

Licensed Card Management Software Solutions

Not every client’s needs are fulfilled by a third party processing solution. Depending on the strategic, financial goals, business model and operational readiness several clients prefer licensing and hosting the software in-house. CoreCard is one of very few card/account management software providers which fulfills this industry demand.
CoreCard offers a robust multi-currency and multi-lingual platform that can be easily configured to launch different kinds of products and programs in a short time providing significant time-to-market and control benefits to the client. CoreCard offers all its solutions (private label credit, prepaid card management, fleet card management, Bankcards and other accounts receivable management solutions) as licensed software that can be hosted by our clients in-house utilizing their own data center and IT infrastructure.

Custom Built Solutions

CoreCard's professional services team can promptly customize the solution to add client specific features making it a truly unique product that meets client's unique requirements. No two of our licensing customers have the exact same solution!

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A licensed solution from CoreCard does not require any recurring account or transaction fee keeping total cost of ownership low even as the volume increases.

Hybrid Delivery Models

In addition to offering licensed solutions that can be hosted in-house by our clients, CoreCard offers hybrid models that provide benefits of both processing services and licensed solutions. CoreCard can host the licensed solution in its PCI certified data center and provide maintenance services even though the client maintains complete control of features and retains a dedicated unique instance of the platform. CoreCard also provides a transition path from third party processing services to an in-house licensed solution ensuring business continuity while supporting a new operational model.

Enterprise Solution Integration

CoreCard's financial account and transaction management platform was built to easily integrate with accounting packages, ERP solutions, sales and order systems and inventory management systems to completely automate your business processes.

Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency

CoreCard's localization engine enables all our solutions to be easily configured to support any language or currency, reducing the time to market when launching products throughout the world.

24x7 Operational Support

CoreCard's licensing clients depend on us for 24x7 technical support to provide unparalleled customer service and excellent response times to their customers. CoreCard's support teams with decades of experience in developing & maintaining financial transaction processing software play a key role in maintaining the business continuity for our clients.

Platform Upgrades

Clients obtain the benefit of CoreCard's substantial investment in research and development in the form of regular platform upgrades that meet all regulatory compliance requirements and provide industry leading features.

Network Certification, PCI Support

CoreCard's technical support teams handle the end-to-end network certification process and provide PCI certification support services to our clients making it easy even for first time issuers to get started.

Scalable & Fault Tolerant

The platform has been designed to scale easily to manage peak loads by adding hardware without taking the applications offline. The architecture also allows other processors to automatically take over should one processor fail.

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