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AR solutions for Manufacturing

Competition from domestic and overseas now requires manufacturers, big and small, to offer attractive payment terms to buyers (distributors, dealers and other businesses) of the goods they produce. Solutions from CoreCard allow manufactures to easily convert their invoices into receivables backed by payment terms which may be unique to each buyer.

Receivable Automation

Our system integrates with manufacturer's ERP, accounting or merchandize sales system to capture invoice data and converts them into customer statements. Multiple invoices can be incorporated into a single statement. The statements include net payments including fees and interest charges and the due that the buyer needs to pay by. Payments from buyer's bank account are automatically applied to the system. New account processing, Communication and collections automation through dialer are also available. These and several other features make the credit offering process highly automated reducing operational costs significantly.

Credit Risk Management

CoreCard's Accounts Receivable management solution provides several features for the finance/accounting department to monitor and control credit risk and exposure. Some such features are ability to change credit decision model without any IT work, real time interface with credit bureaus, processing all loans for one customer from same account, ability to track profit or loss at invoice level and several reports for delinquency, payments, outstanding balance, charge-offs etc.


Each invoice can have different payment terms, credit decisioning rules can be tweaked any time, fees and interest parameters can be easily updated from web based interfaces. These and several other features provide business managers the flexibility they need to win customers from their competitors who offer rigid payment plans.

AR Management Solutions for Manufacturing Features

Following are some features of our Accounts Receivable solution for Manufacturers :
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