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New Account Processing

New Accounts with CoreAPPLICATION

Approving new accounts is made simple with CoreAPPLICATION. Let the system make the adjudication decision based on your setup, and quickly grow your portfolio.
Integrates easily with CoreISSUE Integrate Easily with CoreISSUE
Powerful Queue Assignment Capabilities
Flexible Data Verification
Automatic Scoring and Credit Bureau Checks
Customizable Workflows
Integrate Easily with CoreISSUE

CoreAPPLICATION integrates seamlessly with CoreISSUE and provides a built-in tool to communicate updates between the two interfaces.

Automatically create accounts/cards based on your decision workflow

Powerful Queue Assignment Capabilities

Direct cases to queues to be worked manually based on your decision workflow

Review queues may be assigned and grouped on a variety of parameters that maximize the usage of the skill set of assigned personnel.

Flexible Data Verification

User defined data validation ensures a new account/card has all information needed
Data validation edits and queues greatly improve efficiency, and lower lead times
Auto correct data as needed

Automatic Scoring and Credit Bureau Checks

Supports auto decisioning based on credit scores or specific data in the credit application combined with data retrieved from any credit bureau.
Parameters determine which applications require pulling information from a credit bureau, as well as which report and what information to acquire.

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