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CoreCard software announces custom alerts with coredashboard

NORCROSS, GA, Jul 1, 2010 – CoreCard Software ( , a leading provider of card management and boutique processing solutions, announces the addition of custom alerts to supplement the standard alerts built into CoreDASHBOARD. CoreDASHBOARD is built to monitor the status and performance of all the servers where CoreCard applications are running.

System Administrators save time and reduce their operating costs when using the Dashboard to:

  • Monitor individual computers and groups of computers.
  • Become aware of when a CoreCard application is brought online or taken offline.
  • Establish alarms and alerts that are generated if certain conditions arise in a single computer or a group of computers.
  • Send notifications via email when certain conditions and alarms are generated.
  • Run live queries against the database.
  • View and schedule processes in the system.
  • View running workflows.
  • Create log of activity.

Now with the addition of Custom Alerts an alert schedule can be set up to monitor batch and VB script activity. CoreDASHBOARD will send the administrator an email alert if any of the scripts fail. Since these alerts are not hard-coded they can be adjusted whenever needed. Additional alert scripts for users and user groups can be created as needed.

For more information on how CoreCard can save money and make any organization more efficient, visit CoreCard online at or call 1-770-564-8000.

About CoreCard Software, Inc.

CoreCard Software, a leading provider of card management systems and processing services, offers an array of account management solutions to support the complex requirements of the evolving global financial services industry. The CoreCard® software solutions provide the market’s most feature-rich platform for processing and managing a full range of card products including prepaid/stored-value, fleet, credit, debit, commercial, government, healthcare and private-label cards as well as accounts receivable and loans. Headquartered in Gwinnett Innovation Park in Norcross, GA with additional offices in India and Romania, CoreCard is a subsidiary of CoreCard Corporation (NYSE: CCRD). For more information, call 770-564-8000 or visit

Media Contact: Sharon Cuppett

Phone: 1.404.271.8046

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