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Open Loop Credit Cards

Benefits of Open Loop Credit Card Management Solutions & Processing

CoreCard’s open loop credit card processing solution makes it easy to get up and running on your new or converted program. This feature rich solution will allow you to use APIs and real-time authorization integration so that you can innovate the functionality of your program easily. CoreCard’s CoreISSUE application has been built on top of CoreENGINE platform specifically for private label credit industry needs and provides several key benefits to retailers, B2B lenders, dealerships, health and wellness service providers, third party issuers and processors alike.

Flexible Payment Options

Single solution can be used to offer & manage both simple and complex payment plans such as revolving credit, installment credit, same as cash, deferred interest plans and many more. Multiple lines of credit and payment plans can also be assigned to same card account allowing retailers to offer new promotions to its existing customers.

Manage Own or Third Party Portfolios

The solution is both easy to use, feature rich and capable of managing multiple programs at a time making it ideal for both in-house use and processing third party credit portfolios.

Real Time Integration with Interfaces

Real time integration with standard industry service providers (credit bureaus, embossers, collectors etc) and proprietary or other in-house interfaces used for sales, order management, logistics and accounting allows our clients to provide unparalleled customer service.

Same Platform for Credit and Prepaid Gift Cards

Merchant specific prepaid gift cards are very useful tool to attract repeat business. Add gift cards to your portfolio with going to another solution provider.

Service Flexibility

Manage your own programs and leave the processing to CoreCard or work with our experts to implement your in-house licensed software solution. CoreCard also provides a unique option to transition from a processing solution to in-house hosted licensed solution.

Open Loop Credit Card Solution Features

Following are some features that CoreCard’s solution provides.
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