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Debit and Prepaid Processing

Manage your Debit or Prepaid Program with CoreCard's award winning platform

CoreCard’s multi-lingual and multi-currency prepaid card management software makes it easy for processors, program managers and issuers to quickly launch and manage various types of prepaid programs. CoreCard offers end-to-end software solutions and services for both business and consumer prepaid card segments.

Business Expense / Corporate Card

Issuing a business expense or a corporate prepaid card requires capabilities which are much different from that required for a general purpose card or a gift card. See how our customized solution goes beyond prepaid payments and delivers a complete business expense management product.

Payroll & Benefits Card

Employee payroll and benefit cards provide significant savings to employers in disbursing salaries and benefits. A global prepaid sizing study commissioned by MasterCard puts corporate payroll card market at $191 billion. Are you setup to benefit from this tremendous opportunity?

General Purpose Reloadable Card

Consumers are opting for prepaid cards for various reasons. Regardless of the reasons, value added services are key to customer retention and high card usage. Prepaid card program managers and processors can leverage CoreCard’s integration with various service providers to enhance the utility of their programs.

Rewards, Promotions and Incentives Card

Prepaid cards have proven to be one of the most efficient tools for delivering targeted & useful incentives to employees, existing customers and prospects alike. CoreCard provides program managers with all capabilities required to start and manage such prepaid card programs in a cost effective manner.

Customer Centeric Prepaid Card Management Solutions

We keep our client’s requirements at the heart of what we do and that enables us to provide an industry leading prepaid card management solution that differentiates our clients from the rest.
We serve both prepaid card program managers and processors with a wide range of solutions and services.

Time to Market

Easily deployable web based solutions and a highly experienced technical team ensure quick deployment for our clients.

Market Differentiation

Our prepaid card solution is highly flexible and parameter driven, and our proprietary development platform provides the customization capabilities that help programs managers and processors differentiate themselves from the competition.

End-to-End Solution

Irrespective of your experience and expertise in the financial services industry, CoreCard can provide the right solution, services and support to set you up as a program manager or a processor.

White Label Prepaid Processing Solution

Our solution is a multi-institution solution and provides a hierarchy structure that allows prepaid card processors to manage multiple BINs and programs of various kinds on a single instance. Processors can either brand our solution as theirs or use our APIs with their own front end to service third party programs.

Solutions for Changing Business Needs

CoreCard supports its processing clients in seamlessly transitioning to an in-house licensed solution. The solution that was used in CoreCard’s processing environment is deployed at client’s data center ensuring business continuity and providing significant savings as the card volume grows.

Industry Leading Features for Cardholders

CoreCard upgrades its solutions continuously to offer new features that the prepaid card issuers need to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry.


Interested in issuing multi-currency wallet prepaid cards, or on-demand funded cards?

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