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Patient Finance

Patient Finance Management Solutions

As private sectors of healthcare grow, CoreCard has found that more providers and practices want to offer in-house financing to their patients for services not usually covered by insurance. CoreCard’s easy to use private label credit solution has allowed service providers to offer its patients multiple lines of credit covering different medical services simultaneously.

Treat More Patients

An in-house patient financing solution from CoreCard can enable your practice to treat more patients as many of the health, wellness and beauty procedures are not covered by health insurance. Solution features such as multiple credit lines on one account, revolving or installment credit help to further increase the amount of business that a customer and his/her family does with your practice.

Confidence in Underwriting

CoreCard’s originations application, CoreAPP, allows configuring credit decision rules taking into account any data available to the system or any data acquired from a third party credit assessment agency. CoreAPP can integrate with most traditional and non-traditional credit bureaus to provide decision parameters that are useful to your business. The rules can be easily configured or reconfigured by non-technical users to minimize credit risk and maximize the opportunities.

Minimal Technology / Operations Footprint

CoreCard’s solution is completely web based requiring no hardware or training expenses at the clinics. Administrative users can remotely control all parameters ensuring compliance with the company’s credit policies. The payment contract can be provided to the patient right at the time of service or mailed later.

Patient Finance Management Solution Features

Following are some features that CoreCard’s solution provides :
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