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Payroll & Benefits Cards

Payroll & Employee Benefits Cards Solution

CoreCard’s prepaid card software provides several administrative capabilities that allow program managers to run multiple programs simultaneously by either working directly with employers or through other agents, payroll processors and HR services providers.

Easy Employer Onboarding

CoreCard’s program management portals provide easy options to add new cards either working directly with employers or with other agents who sell the cards to employers.

Integrated FSA, HSA & Benefits

The multi-purse functionality provided by the software allows offering employee FSA, HSA accounts and benefits on same card as their payroll. Authorization rules can be setup to direct medical expenses to the right bucket (FSA/HSA) on the payroll card.


CoreCard’s highly customizable platform and dedicated professional services teams allow it to implement unique features for program managers. The software’s architecture allows quick integration with any third party products enabling payment processors/HR services providers to issue and load payroll cards right from their core systems.

White Label Payroll Cards

The solution can be white labeled to allow program managers issue payroll cards on behalf of other third parties, payroll processors, HR services providers or regional agents etc.


Comprehensive reporting is available in various categories allowing program managers to manage risk, perform accounting and identify hidden problems and opportunities.

Cross Sell Opportunities

In addition to processing payroll card programs, CoreCard also offers business expense card programs which can become very profitable part of program manager’s portfolio by simply tapping into its existing customer base.

Payroll & Benefits Card Solution Features

Key features that program managers can offer to employees on payroll cards are as follows :
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