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Prepaid Business Expense Cards

Prepaid Business Expense/Corporate Cards Solution

Prepaid cards for business expenses, travel, procurement etc fulfill an unmet need in the business/ corporate card segment. CoreCard has customized its prepaid processing platform to provide expense policy enforcement, spend control & tracking, automatic expense reporting and expense analysis features that make it a true expense management solution rather than just a prepaid card offered to businesses. Some key benefits to prepaid program managers issuing business expense cards are as follows.

Easy Business Onboarding

New business onboarding is an easy process requiring one page form to be filled and submitted. After the business account and first user profile creation the business manager can issue & manage cards to his employees without any supervision from the program manager.

Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

Business expense cards have much longer life, spend much higher amounts than consumer cards and also offer greater interchange share. Not only such cards are more profitable than consumer cards, they offer an opportunity to program managers to add a totally new customer segment to their portfolio thus enhancing cross sell opportunities. Any companies in core expense management industry can also add value to their solution and enhance their revenue opportunities by offering a prepaid expense card to its customers.

Expense Management Solution Included

Our prepaid expense card solution is not just a prepaid card, it is also an expense management solution allowing business administrators to enforce expense policy and review the expense transactions done by its employees. It also allows business administrators to analyze expense trends at business, employee or expense category level.

Minimal Operational Overhead

The solution has been designed to minimize the operational overhead on part of the program manager. Once a business account is created, the business administrator manages all card issuing, management and control operations for his own business unless an exception situation arises.

Risk Management

Suspicious card activity alerts can be monitored by both the program manager and the business administrator, providing an additional layer of fraud prevention and risk management.

Value Adding Business Expense Card Solution Features

Following are some of the features that employees and business administrators enjoy
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