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Prepaid Gift & Promotions Cards

Prepaid Gift & Promotions Card Solution

Offering a prepaid gift card is a great way to gain new customers and perpetuate your brand. Finding the right closed loop payment system to give you a comprehensive toolset to achieve this can help exponentially grow your business. See how the CoreCard platform can help.

Take it with you or let CoreCard do the Processing

Utilize our processing expertise and take the worry out of running the system. Want full control? We offer the industry’s best licensing model to make full ownership a reality.

Grow Revenues

Define your own program and fee structures to maximize revenue generation and increase loyalty.

Adapt To Gift Card Market Trends

Feature rich and quick to respond to evolving market needs, our software provides the most standard and also the latest industry features

AR Management Solutions for Manufacturing Features

Following are some features of our Accounts Receivable solution for Manufacturers :
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