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Processing Services

Card Management Processing Services

Leave all technical “stuff” to CoreCard and focus on your core business and providing a wonderful customer experience. Whether you are looking for prepaid card (open loop or closed loop) processing, private label credit processing or fleet card processing, CoreCard’s robust solutions and its PCI certified environment and highly experienced technical team may be the right fit for you!

Turnkey Solutions

Over time, CoreCard has carefully chosen our vendors and partners so that our clients obtain the complete solution they require from their card processor. CoreCard works with national FDIC banks, payment networks, card embossers, and statement print vendors. We have integrated our systems with identity verification services and credit bureaus and maintain our own IVR application and much more to provide a complete solution to our clients.

Transition to In-house Solution

Availing yourself of processing services or hosting the solution in-house should be a choice that you make and not something that the solution provider dictates. CoreCard provides you both options and also provides a seamless transition path to migrate from our outsourced processing environment to an in-house solution when you are ready to do so.

Dedicated Platform

We understand that some clients have unique needs or a business strategy that cannot be satisfied by a shared processing solution. CoreCard hosts a dedicated processing platform for some of its clients and can do the same for you.

Benefit from Our Experience

CoreCard�s legacy in providing card and payment systems goes back to the 1980s with PaySys International. Our technical teams are highly experienced with card and payment processing applications and have successfully launched numerous clients who started from scratch or converted from other processors. Our technical team has developed a number of conversion and new client setup tools and scripts that take the uncertainty out of the picture, ensuring a smooth product launch for our clients.

Quality at Low Cost

CoreCard has built all card management solutions in-house, deploys its own personnel for both solution and IT infrastructure support and maintenance, and manages all aspects of solution development, delivery and customer support in-house. This level of vertical integration allows for excellent quality control and provides us significant cost savings which we pass on to our customers !

Uniqueness in Processing

Being on a shared platform does not mean that you have to compromise on the program features you want. CoreCard�s flexible and highly configurable card management platforms come with thousands of parameters which can be used to setup unique prepaid or credit programs without incurring customization or dedicated hosting costs.

Please visit our solutions pages or contact us to find out more about our solutions.
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