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Retail Credit Cards

Retail Credit Card Management Solutions

CoreCard’s private label credit solution has been built to provide both retailers and third party issuers/processors capabilities required to run a profitable credit portfolio with a very small technology footprint.

Increase Sales

With in-house financing solution retailers can encourage the shoppers to spend more or attract new shoppers who would not shop otherwise. CoreCard's private label credit card processing solution is easy to setup and use and can be used by retailers for own card processing or by processors/third party issuers for managing various portfolios.

Build Customer Loyalty

The solution allows the merchants to build great customer loyalty by providing various different kinds of payment plans to their customers. They can do as many promotional payment plans on same customer account as they want without any system restrictions.

Instant Approval

CoreCard's new account processing system, CoreAPP, allows business users to define the credit decision criteria and also interfaces with credit bureaus in real time to determine the customers' eligibility for credit while they are at the register.

Credit Risk Management

CoreCard's private label credit solution provides several features for the finance department to monitor and control credit risk and exposure. Some such features are adaptive authorization control for dynamic credit limits, ability to change credit decision model without any IT work, real time interface with credit bureaus, and several reports for delinquency, payments, outstanding balance, charge-offs etc.

Maximize Collections

Communication automation, dialer interface, prioritized case management queues features allow maximizing collections with minimum effort.

Real Time Transaction Posting

All purchases, returns and payments are posted in real time eliminating the possibility of the accounts going over limit and keeping the customers satisfied.

Rewards & Loyalty

The solution comes with a loyalty points calculation and redemption module. Use it with flexible promotional payment options to maximize repeat business from the customers you have worked so hard to acquire.

Open Loop Credit Card Solution Features

Following are some features that CoreCard’s solution provides.
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