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Rewards, Promotions and Incentives Cards

Prepaid Rewards, Promotions and Incentives Cards Solution

CoreCard’s solution provides program managers a cost effective and robust way to manage rewards, promotions & incentives cards on behalf of marketers and employers. The solution can be licensed and hosted in-house or be used as a processing service. Easy customization, real-time and batch integration capabilities go a long way in providing an end-to-end incentive marketing and campaign management solution to your customers.

Cost Effective

Rewards, promotions and incentives cards are usually single use and do not generate much fee or interchange revenue. CoreCard’s prepaid cards solution has been designed to keep new program setup and administration costs low.

Value Added Services

CoreCard’s prepaid solution enables providing much more than just a stored value payment card. It can be used to insert the right messages in card mailers and provide statistics on incentive redemption. Several restrictions on location of use, purchase amount and period of redemption can be applied to the cards to direct the consumer behavior as desired by the marketer.

Increase Foot Print

The flexible and versatile card management solution allows program managers to offer rewards, promotions and incentives programs to both small businesses and big enterprises.

Open Loop Prepaid Rewards, Incentives and Promotions Card features

Some of the features that our prepaid solution offers are as follows :
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